Divas up North is a weekly radio show, broadcast on Salford City Radio 94.4FM, and targeted at women in the North West of all ages, presented by women in the North West.

In it, we cover a wide range of issues affecting the lives of women in the North West: work, health, sexuality, family and relationships, as well as politics, art, culture, books, films and music, from a uniquely female perspective. Fashion and beauty are not major themes, except where these cover local businesses, or form part of a human interest story.

The aim of the programme is to represent North West women, to empower each other, and give each other a voice. We are living in a period of economic instability, with erosion of confidence in the establishment, and uncertainty over Brexit. We have recently elected the first metropolitan mayors in Greater Manchester and Liverpool. All these are opportunities for us as women in the North West to ensure we have a say, and that our interests are fairly represented politically and culturally in this region.

The format is a mix of studio interviews and interactive discussion. Guests include high-profile figures from politics, the arts and business, as well as local women in the North West with a story to tell.

Although there is a serious need for a programme of this type in the North West, it has a witty and fun edge to it. It is essential that the programme is accessible to as many women in the North West as possible. It has to be down-to-earth, inclusive and non-elitist – we are straight-talking Northerners, after all!

Our approach is bold and sassy, and we do not shy away from talking about important issues. Our on-air discussions are open, honest and engaging.