17 January 2017

As Donald Trump is set to take office as 45th President of the United States of America this Friday, we look at some of the protest and solidarity rallies taking place across the United Kingdom.

The Women’s March London is a sister march and rally of the Women’s March on Washington; one of 21 rallies taking place across the world on Saturday 21 January. Women – and the men who choose to join them – will be marching to show solidarity for the dignity and equality of all people. The organisers assert that “…women’s rights are human rights are women’s rights”. We will be speaking to one of the London March organisers, Clare Ryder.

We want to hear from you as well: are you participating in a sister march? Which issues in particular that are close to your heart will you be marching for?

You can register for Women’s March London here.

We are delighted that there are a number of sister marches across the north of England. Find your local march from the list below, and get involved!:







Campaign group Bridges Not Walls is encouraging a series of banner drops over bridges across the UK on Friday 20 January, to coincide with Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s election campaign revealed and inflamed deep societal divisions, and over the last year, we have seen an alarming rise in the politics of hate on both sides of the Atlantic.

To fight back, groups of people all around the UK will drop banners from bridges to send a simple message of unity over division, of hope over fear and hate.

The banner drop for the Greater Manchester region will take place at Millennium Bridge at Media City in Salford, from 2-3pm on Friday 20 January 2017.

We will be speaking to one of the Bridges Not Walls organisers, Nona Hurkmans. Find out what the group has planned after the inauguration. Having mobilised so many people across the country, will there be more banner drops in the future?


women find happiness and body confidence and embrace life, this is exactly the kind of ethos we approve of, here at Divas up North. We will be speaking to massage therapist, Katie Emmett.

And finally, based round the corn

t may be January, but we’re not going to jump on the ubiquitous “lose weight fast and irresponsibly because it’s the New Year!” bandwagon. Instead, we are talking to women-only health and fitness company, Fierce Fit. Run by women, for women, and committed to helping er from the Salford City Radio studio is the Salford Women’s Centre. We’ll be talking to Tanya Hayman about the work the centre does to promote the wellbeing of women in Salford. Tanya has a real passion for music and drama, and she will be telling us how the arts can help women to find their inner confidence.

Tune in from 4-5pm on Tuesday 17 January to Salford City Radio 94.4FM



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