24 January 2017

On this week’s show, we will be talking about periods, menstrual cups and vaginas! It didn’t take us long to lose our inhibitions!

What is a menstrual cup, and how on earth do you use it? Does it hurt? Will it fit properly? Can it fall out? Tune in to Salford City Radio to hear the answers to these questions and more.

I will be joined by blogger/vlogger Kat Horrocks, whose video review of the Mooncup helped me the first time I used it and managed to get it stuck! Hear my story and see what advice Kat has to offer.

Plus: after the success of last weekend’s Women’s Marches, we talk to one of the organisers of the Manchester Women’s  March, and find out what the plans are for the group going forward. Have women in Manchester been politically mobilised by recent political events?

Also, we will be talking to Jo’s Trust about Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which is this week: 22-28 January.

Post a picture of yourself online with smeared lipstick, using the hashtag #SmearForSmear, to encourage women to undergo a smear test to be screened for cervical cancer. The test takes seconds. It’s not the most pleasant way to spend a few seconds, but it doesn’t hurt, and is far better than the alternative.

Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday 24 January at 4pm on Salford City Radio for this week’s Divas up North!



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