31 January 2017

This week, we’ll be discussing the people who use taxi service Uber as a dating app. Is this safe? Is it exploitative? Who is really in control? We’ll also be speaking to Dave Sutton, spokesperson for Who’s Driving You? , a public awareness campaign promoting the safety of services such as Uber.

As another major conference lineup was announced this week, once again, the shockingly low representation of female voices was highlighted. We will be looking at the reasons behind this, and what we can do about it.

There is much to be celebrated when it comes to women and music, and we are delighted to be playing music by the hugely talented Charlie Cooper. Charlie is based in Manchester, and you can book to see her perform with her band, The CCs, at Matt and Phred’s among other places. Do tune in to hear her; she has such a beautiful voice, and it will be a real treat.

Performances of The Vagina Monologues will be taking place at The University of Manchester on Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 February. We will be speaking to Student Union Women’s Officer, Jenni Smyth about this piece and why they have chosen to perform it. Performances are open to everyone, and you can book here.

Finally, we will be talking to Suzanne Jacob about SafeLives, a charity committed to helping women suffering from domestic abuse. We are supporting their campaigns, and you can read more about this on our campaigns page.

For anyone suffering from domestic abuse, we have put together a page of resources to help you, which you can find here.

Tune in to Salford City Radio from 4-5pm on Tuesday 31 January!



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