14 February 2017

It’s Galentine’s Day! – which we interpret as a day to show love to our sisters.

First up is a Valentine’s Day campaign, mounted by Stockport NHS Watch. The group campaigns weekly outside Stepping Hill Hospital against growing cuts, many of which have a significant impact on women. This week, the group is planning to extend the Valentine’s Day theme to include red balloons and messages of love to hospital staff. The group’s Terry Tallis will be talking to us about the campaign.

Sticking with the theme of love, we will be talking to Dr Amy Davis, lecturer in film studies at the University of Hull. We will be drawing on her academic work on Disney to ask her about traditional, heterosexual models of love in Disney films. Are these models unique to Disney films, or do they actually follow traditional Hollywood models? How realistic is this portrayal of love? Does it create an idealised, unattainable model which women are encouraged to aspire to? What about the role of Disney princesses in the portrayal of traditional love? We will be asking all of these questions and more!

We will also be joined by writer Cath Bore. Cath writes both fiction and non-fiction. Topics include feminism, music, popular culture, and fandom. She also presents a show on KCC Liverpool on new music, and she will be sharing some new music by female artists with links to the North. We will also be asking Cath what she thinks of Valentine’s Day and whether some women are excluded from the types of love it represents.

Cath is sharing her music expertise with us, and she has chosen some artists for us to feature on the show. Both have strong links to the north of England, and both feature female artists prominently.

The Orielles are from Halifax, and have strong links to Manchester and Liverpool. Their drummer and base player/singer are women, and most of their lyrics are written by women.

Bendith (which means “blessing” in English) is a Welsh band, who sing in the Welsh language. Their new EP is released by Aficionado Recordings.

Last week, we focused on BPAS‘s We Trust Women and Back Off campaigns. This week, we will be speaking to Life, a pro-life charity, about its ethos, its campaigns, and how it helps women, operating from a feminist perspective. We will be discussing abortion from another angle, such as when it is used to support gender selection.

Finally, we will be talking to Vic Moss and Liv Watkins about Future Female Project, an international female empowerment network. Future Female Project is a female empowerment network, which organises meetups, workshops, discussions, and shares cultural and political inspiration.

Future Female Project will be holding a launch event on Sunday 26 February. You can find details on our Upcoming Events page.

Tune in on Tuesday to Salford City Radio at 4pm for Divas up North!


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