Tuesday 14 March 2017

We have an excellent show lined up for you this week!

Following on from our interview on 28 February with Charlotte McShane, we will be talking about the Ladyfest Mcr event on 11 March. We will be joined by sociologist and musician, Dr Susan O’Shea, who has conducted a number of academic studies on Ladyfest Mcr.

Dr O’Shea’s academic interest in music extends to other areas as well, and you can follow her band, Factory Acts here or on Facebook. Listen out for some Factory Acts music on the show!

Entertainment comes in the form of comedian Eleanor Conway. Described as a “ferocious clubber”, “party girl”, and “a woman of extremes”, you won’t want to miss our interview with her. She is bringing her critically-acclaimed show, Walk of Shame, to Manchester on 24 March, following its successful debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016.

If you want to see Eleanor perform at the Waterside Arts Centre on 24 March, you can book tickets here. You will find a full list of her upcoming gigs here.

We will be discussing the merits of all-women workshops, with Allanah Ashdown, of Workshops for Women. Allanah has organised some inspirational workshops with a variety of different groups of women and young girls, and she will be explaining what skills and qualities these workshops can promote – and how women can benefit.

We will be ending the show on a rousing note as Manchester-based writer, playwright and performance poet Alex Keelan will be treating us to some readings of her work. Alex wrote the play Angel of the House, performed at Hope Mill Theatre as part of the Wonder Women Festival in Manchester recently. In fact, the play was showing at the same time as our recent guest, Jane Bowyer, was showing her Women in Print Exhibition. Alex’s reading of the poem she performed last week for International Women’s Day in Manchester will be a real treat, so be sure to listen.

Tune in at 4pm on Salford City Radio 94.4FM!




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