Tuesday 7 March 2017

This week sees International Women’s Day, on 8 March. On this week’s show, we will be talking about female empowerment: politically, locally, and physically.

Eve Holt will be joining us to talk about DivaManc, the group she set up to ensure that women’s voices are heard in the major changes happening in Greater Manchester, through Devo Manc.

She will be talking about the workshops she runs – at which all women are welcome and encouraged to participate – as well as an upcoming event, Divas in Action. At this event, a number of women will be talking about how they are effecting change for women in Greater Manchester.

The Women’s Equality Party is still relatively new – but with a growing membership, and a Greater Manchester mayoral hustings organised by the Party this week, they are well-placed to continue the discussion on women’s involvement in politics in this region, and also throughout the UK. We will be talking to Jo Heathcote about the place for the Women’s Equality Party in the current political landscape, what rights still need to be earned, and why mainstream political parties are not going far enough to help women. You can book your place at the hustings here.

Laughter will be provided in the form of Bolton-born writer, actor and comedian, Sophie Willan. Sophie will be performing her critically-acclaimed show, On Record, at The Lowry on 12 March, and she will be talking to us about her work. You can book tickets for the how here.

While we are talking about politics, it seems apt in Greater Manchester to look at The Pankhurst Centre, on the eve of International Women’s Day. Elaine de Fries will be joining us, to tell us about the museum and discuss the history of the Suffragettes.

And we are throwing some physical empowerment into the mix, in the form of a martial arts-self-defence course for women, organised by the University of Manchester Students’ Union. Aneta Korobczuk and Marina Gardasevic will be telling us more.

Join us at 4pm on Tuesday 7 March on Salford City Radio.









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