Tuesday 28 March, 2017

This week’s programme is devoted to women in the music industry.

We will be joined again by Olivia Havercroft of CYHMNzine, a music zine which we talked about shortly before its official launch party in Manchester on 11 February this year. We also have a Diva Project Page on our website for CYHMNzine.

Another great project to promote and encourage women in the music industry is Just a Grrrl. Based in Brighton and around London, the issues Just a Grrrl seeks to address are universally experienced by women in the music industry. Katherine Stewart has added  a wealth of useful information to the website about some of the ways in which women in the music industry are challenged or held back, and she’ll be speaking to us about some of these issues.

In the studio, we’ll be joined by Leeds-based Megan Roe and Vicky Hollingworth, of Girls That Gig. Set up to provide encouragement, support and networking opportunities for women in the music industry, Girls That Gig provides resources such as a directory of female musical performers, a podcast, and top tips for women working in various parts of the music industry. They also run practical workshops for women, and we’ll be finding out more about these on the show.

We’ll be hearing from Jaheda Choudhary Potter and Sophie Wozencraft about Sh!t Lesbian Disco, the largest women-only night of its kind – and it’s based in Manchester!

Finally, we’ll be speaking to Salford-bred performer Ren Harvieu. Ren will be performing at the Waterside Arts Centre this July, as part of its Refract:17 Season, which runs from 21-30 July this year.

This is the first programme devoted entirely to a single topic, but there is a lot to discuss about women in the music industry. Don’t miss it!


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