Tuesday 18 April 2017

This week – as every other week – we bring you a programme packed with content from some brilliant women.

Beth Knowles has worked in international development for a variety of NGOs and trade unions, including Oxfam, the British Red Cross and UNISON. She has been a Manchester City Centre councillor for the last 3 years. One of the major issues in Greater Manchester on which she has led is that of homelessness. She chairs an international arts and homelessness movement, One Voice, she is actively involved with the Manchester Homelessness Partnership, and has been appointed by Labour Mayoral candidate Andy Burnham, to lead a Homelessness Action Network.

Corin Bell is the director of Real Junk Food Manchester, which collects unused food that would otherwise be thrown away from supermarkets and restaurants, and cooks them into delicious, nutritious meals for the benefit of anyone who wants to try it. A community-based project, payment for the meals are at the discretion of the customer, and what s/he can afford.

It is estimated that 5.8 million people in the UK live in ‘deep poverty’, making it hard for them to afford everyday essentials, including food.

As well as discussing Real Junk Food Manchester, we will be talking to Corin about food wastage.

There are nearly one billion malnourished people in the world, but the approximately 40 million tonnes of food wasted, just by households, retailers and food services in the US each year, would be enough to satisfy the hunger of every one of them.




In the UK, households waste around 20% of all the food they buy.

If you want to donate to its crowdfunding campaign, you can do so here.

This week, we will also finding out about the work carried out by Women in Prison, which provides support and training to women in prison, and women who have recently been released from prison. With the aim of helping women to avoid and exit the criminal justice system, one of their campaigns is 2020 by 2020, which calls for a production in the number of female prisoners to 2020 or less, by the year 2020.

In Manchester, Women in Prison has a support centre, WomenMATTA. We will be hearing about the organisation’s work from its Northern Services Manager, Kate Fraser.

We will also be hearing about a collaboration between Trafford Rape Crisis and Styal Prison. Entitled, Women’s Search for Meaning, the collaboration will take the form of a fundraising event. It will be an empowering evening of spoken word, poetry and live music, in which the work of women in prison will be shared. The money raised will go towards funding the work of Trafford Rape Crisis. Its Development Worker (BAME and other services), Amy Morgan, will be joining us to tell us more.

Finally, we will be learning about Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) from Rose Marginson and Barbara Blaber of its Manchester chapter. Working with a number of agencies, organisations and charities across the world, SIGBI his able to help a wide range of projects, and we will be learning all about these.



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