Tuesday 25 April, 2017

Social enterprises feature heavily in this week’s show, with some phenomenal female entrepreneurs talking about their projects.


Claire Haigh will be telling us about her initiatives, which include #CollabOutLoud. Through this, she leads collaborative approaches to managing public services. What are the challenges faced by public services, and how can a collaborative approach alleviate some of these challenges and benefit people more widely, especially in Greater Manchester. Claire will be drawing on her extensive experience to tackle some of these questions.


Nickala Torkington will be telling us about her social enterprise, Flourish. Flourish is a peer network which supports women to create the changes they identify as needed in their communities. Not only does Flourish encourage female entrepreneurs, but it also drives change in communities at grassroots level, through the perspective of women.


Having supported over 300 women already, Flourish is on its last crowdfunding push, and you can donate to its work here.



In our discussion on managing public services, we will inevitably touch on austerity. Dr Sarah Marie Hall is a lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Manchester. She has recently led The Everyday Austerity Project, which has culminated in an exhibition around Greater Manchester. She will be discussing her findings with us, which include the evidence that women suffer disproportionately from the effects of austerity. We will be asking her how this manifests itself and what can be done to counteract it.


We will also be joined by Jane Kenyon, a serial entrepreneur and inspirational speaker and coach. She will be telling us about her work with teenage girls and young adults, through Girls Out Loud. We will hear about the different programmes she runs, and why she has chosen to work with this age group.



A group of women who will be cycling to the studio are Lady Pedal. After an energetic ride (through what we hope will be sunny Salford), Poland Marczewska, Hannah Milton and Emma Petit will be telling us about how they bring women together to take ownership of their health and independence through cycling. And if anyone is interested in taking up cycling, the sunny weather we have been enjoying this week provides the perfect climate in which to get started!



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