Tuesday 9 May, 2017

Back in January, we featured a campaign by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) to legalise abortion, We Trust Women.

(We also featured a pro-life charity.)

This week, we will be returning to the subject of legalising abortion, as we speak to Emma Runswick. Emma is a medical student, NHS campaigner and Trade Unionist at the British Medical Association (BMA). She organises the Medical Students’ Conference, and will be speaking at the upcoming BMA Annual Conference, at which she will be putting forward the case for legalising abortion. She will be telling us about the regulations and safeguards the BMA Ethics Committee would propose in the event of legalisation.

Canadian-based Louise Green is a globally recognised plus-size athlete, personal trainer, and leading voice for plus-size women.

In 2008, Louise founded Body Exchange, a revolutionary fitness programme, dedicated to the plus-size community, and has since coached over a thousand women to unleash their inner athlete and find peace with their bodies.

Fuelled by the fitness industry’s shocking neglect of people of size, she has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Body Advocacy Movement, inspiring countless women and girls to take control of their health, improve their well-being and boost their self-confidence through personal fitness.

She has just brought out a new book, Big Fit Girl, published by Greystone Books, and will be talking to us about fitness – especially for plus-sized women – and body confidence.

The Last Wave by Gillian Best is published by Freight Books. It is her debut novel, and we will be talking to her about her writing, and why she chose to focus on some of the themes in the book.



As we mark Mental Health Awareness Week this week, we will be speaking to Jessica Murdoch, Operations Director for Imago Training, which she co-founded 2 years ago. Imago Training provides mental health skills and awareness training. It will be holding a Tea and Chat event for Mental Health Awareness Week, and this will be taking place on Friday, 12 May from 9am-5pm. The venue is the Sunshine House Community Centre, Wellington Street, Scholes, Wigan WN1 3SA

Also joining us this week is learning and self-development coach, Dora Blake. Her company, Headway LD, runs self-awareness courses for adults and children, which aim to build resilience and optimise achievement in life. We will be talking to Dora about her Resilient People Project and her Resilient Kids Project.

Tuesday 9 May at 4pm on Salford City Radio!


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