Tuesday 30 May, 2017

Earlier this month, we took a look at women in technology. This week, we will be joined by Annie O’Toole. Annie specialises in growth within tech startups, and is a key name in Liverpool’s thriving startup scene. After starting tech ecommerce platform Juxdit in 2014, she was nominated as national Entrepreneur of the Year just a year later. She recently joined augmented reality hardware company SwapBots.

We will be talking to Annie about growing a startup company, women in business, and women in STEM. WE will also be finding out more about augmented reality!

We also recently spoke to Jessica Murdoch, Operations Director for Imago Training, which she co-founded 2 years ago. We spoke to Jessica during Mental Health Awareness Week about a Tea and Chat event she had organised. This week, we will be finding out in greater detail about the work carried out by Imago Training, and about what we can do to challenge the stigma that can still exist around having conversations about mental health.

We will also be joined by Manchester singer Gaina Williams. Gaina is a talented singer whose strength and determination have never waned, and she will be telling us how her music career has played a role in this.

Another performer we are delighted to welcome on to the show this week is Dame Janet Suzman. A formidable actress with a distinguished career behind her, Dame Janet is currently performing a one-woman show, Rose, at Home in Manchester. She will be talking to us about her return to the stage in Manchester, where she began her career, and about the value of storytelling through a woman’s eyes.

Until tomorrow, at 4pm on Salford City Radio!


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