Tuesday 6 June, 2017

We’ll be talking food, Fridays and festivals, this week!

Esther Morrison, who runs The Food Consultancy, will be joining us to talk about some of the brilliant projects she has spearheaded.

She founded Stockport’s Foodie Friday, the hugely popular street food event in Stockport Market. Foodie Friday is a unique social event, creating a continental-style, street cafe culture, which appeals to all ages and gives families a relaxed and enjoyable night out. As well as food, you will find craft ales and live music.

The event takes place every last Friday of the month from 6-9pm at Stockport Market.

Esther will be telling us about some of the other foodie projects she has worked on. Just what is the Tiddypig that she helped to create – and what is the secret to the perfect Stockport sandwich?

We recently ran a feature on women working in STEM. One of the representatives from Tech North, Tegan Jones, works for The Bishop Simeon Trust, and she will be sharing with us how she uses social media and digital in her role as Fundraising and Communications Officer: using social media to do social good.

Tegan will also be sharing her expertise to suggest ways in which charities and not-for-profit organisations can use digital technology in cost-effective ways.

There can be a more sinister side to the internet, and in her work with young people, Tegan is all too aware of this. As a foster carer and a Guide leader, Tegan is keen to promote safety in young people’s experience of using the internet. We will be asking Tegan for some tips on keeping young people safe online.

We will be joined as well by Noreen Bailey, whose hard work and campaigning for raising awareness of endometrial cancer has culminated in a new support group. Endometrial Cancer is also known as uterine or womb cancer. It is the 4th most common cancer in women, but do you know what symptoms to look out for? Noreen will be telling us more.

The Womb Cancer Awareness Meeting will take place this Friday, 9 June from 11:30am -1:30pm at the Salford Royal Hospital, Stott Lane, M6 8HD, in the Christie Meeting Room, Brooke Building, opposite the antenatal clinic

This week, we will be enjoying music by Salford singer Jennie Bonita. Jennie will also be in the studio to answer questions about her singing career. Tune in to hear her diverse range of notes and song choices – it will be a real treat.


One thought on “Tuesday 6 June, 2017”

  1. hi thank you for this its great I hope it will be ok I do the golden girls on the sounds of Salford I hope you are ok about this I have been so busy getting awareness out I forgot to say I am looking forward to meeting you regards Noreen



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