Tuesday 4 July, 2017

July 4th: American Independence Day. To mark this day, we will be taking a look across the pond, and asking: what is life like for women in Trump’s America… and why should we be concerned on this side of the Atlantic?

Claire Ryder, who was one of the co-organisers of the Women’s March London, and spoke to us earlier this year, will be speaking to us from the USA, where she will be celebrating the holiday, and sharing some thoughts with us.

Carrying on the political theme, we had the opportunity to chat to Sally Carr, MBE, Women’s Equality Party parliamentary candidate for Manchester Withington at the recent General Election. Due to purdah and restrictions on reporting during the campaign, we were not able to broadcast the interview until after the election. On this week’s show, we will finally have an opportunity to hear what Sally had to say about the issues facing women in the UK today.

As the Manchester Fringe Festival approaches, we will be joined by playwright and performance Poet Alex Keelan and director Kayleigh Hawkins, whose play, The Loves of Others, is showing from 18-22 July. The play is a dark comedy about romance, pretence and love, all told through the lives of three thirty-something couples. Leanne hosts a dinner party and is keen to prove she has the perfect relationship with Max. Can a game of Mr and Mrs really prove who is the most in love or will it reveal the cracks in their relationships they all try to hide? The Loves of Others has been described as a modern, northern Abigail’s Party.

Join us at 4pm on Salford City Radio


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