Back Off (BPAS)

Back Off is another BPAS campaign.

With anti-abortion protests outside clinics on the rise in the UK, the campaign calls for protections for abortion clinics and those who need them. Women report intimidation and distress as they try to access a lawful healthcare service in confidence.

Currently, there is no legislation in place to allow the police to take effective action to prevent these disturbances. Back Off proposes the establishment of “buffer” or “access” zones around registered pregnancy advice bureaux and clinics, in which anti-abortion activity cannot take place.

How Can You Get Involved?

You can access a template with which to ask your MP to support the campaign here.

To set up a local resident group in response to anti-abortion protestors in your local area, have a look at this “How To” Guide, from the resident group Reclaim Rosslyn Road.