Did you know over 150 million women in the world do not have access to safe sanitary protection?

Freedom4Girls is an initiative set up to provide sanitary aid to women in Kenya. These women miss up to a week of education every month because they do not have access to hygienic sanitary products.

This campaign is not just a question of safe hygiene, but one of dignity.

In March 2017, Freedom4Girls, which is based in Leeds, hit the headlines when it emerged that the charity was also helping local girls, right here in the UK, who were missing school every month due to a lack of sanitary protection.

Freedom4Girls is raising money to provide equal access to education for girls and young women, so that they will not have to miss school due to menstruation. Funds donated will go towards the making of washable and reusable sanitary packs for schools in Africa.

In the UK, the charity is raising awareness of this issue, and campaigning for policy changes.

You can donate to Freedom4Girls through its GoFundMe page.

£6 will give a girl in Africa a sanitary pack that will last up to 3 years, this will stop her losing up to a week every month in education.

The Freedom4Girls project work in Kenya is run by UK based charity Maji Safi Projects (Charity Commission Number 1106384).