Guilty Mothers Club

Guilty Mothers Club is all about mothers investing in themselves, talking about the stuff that is important to them & building a community of support. Working out how to play bigger and reconnect with our dreams alongside celebrating the amazing experience of motherhood.

A few years ago, Helen Bryce started running workshops for mothers around returning to work after maternity leave. Her own experience had been far from positive and she suddenly realised that she was very much not alone. Having just moved to a new area while pregnant with her third child, she  really wanted to meet other mothers but kind of dreaded that whole awkward playgroup thing. She desperately wanted to talk about something other than nappies, have somewhere to talk honestly about the realities without feeling judged, but also be inspired to do something different… and so Guilty Mothers Club was born.

Guilty Mothers Club runs unique workshops that mix expertise with an understanding of how it is. The core offering is all about taking back control of your life and career (Game Changers and Rock your Return) with others in the pipeline.

At Guilty Mothers Club, you will find social events that are a bit different and get you thinking (and talking), currently around Manchester – but who knows where next? It all about building community and the power of sisterhood.

You will also find inspiration and encouragement to do something different. Whether that is through a weekly Guilty Mother Challenge or massively supportive Facebook group. When women support other women, amazing things happen.

If more women were able to fulfil their potential this could make a real difference to the world. The Guilty Mothers Club mission is to bring together 10,000 mothers, supporting & inspiring each other to be their true selves.

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