My Heels, My Choice

Nicola Thorp is an actress, writer and women’s equality campaigner from Blackpool, Lancashire.

Working as a temp between acting jobs, Nicola hit the headlines in 2016, when she refused to wear high heels and makeup to the office. Surprised to discover that her employer was acting within the guidelines of the law, Nicola set up a petition to “Make it illegal for a company to require a woman to wear high heels to work“. The petition attracted over 152,000 signatures in just 72 hours, making it eligible for debate in parliament. The debate will take place on 6 March 2017, and you can watch it live on Parliament TV.

A report has been drawn up by House of Commons Petitions Committee and Women and Equalities Committee, which you can read here, entitled High Heels and Workplace Dress Codes

Meanwhile, Nicola has given evidence and spoken at Westminster in support of women’s equality in the workplace and the importance of intersectional feminism in modern society, as well as talking at many public events on these issues.

Supporter of the Fawcett Society and the Women’s Equality Party, Nicola is also on an advisory board for evaluating the UK Parliament’s e-Petitions System on a project that will run until 2020.

Nicola’s website, Who Are You Wearing? (WAYW), is named after the age-old sexist red carpet question, but WAYW seeks to discover who women are, not what they wear. Through the website, Nicola aims to challenge gender stereotypes. You will find videos and blog posts on the website that discuss gender equality and discrimination issues.