Paper Girls: Feminist Graphic Novel Book Club

Feminist graphic novel book club. It’s a bit niche, right?

Paper Girls, a feminist graphic novel book club, meets monthly to discuss comics and graphic novels featuring well-rounded and interesting female characters.

So far, they have covered Ms Marvel, Rat Queens, Y The Last Man, Bitch Planet and – the club’s  namesake – Paper Girls. There is no fear of running out of books anytime soon, with the very long list including Giant Days, DC Bombshells, Nimona, Persepolis and Monstress.

Paper Girls is an informal and friendly group, open to men and women, seasoned readers and people entirely new to comics. With a lovely core group of members, there are some new faces at each meet up.

Founder Naomi Newman has been thrilled at positive response to Paper Girls Book Club. She says, “If 2016 was anything (and it was many, many horrible things), it was the year we remembered that feminism was still super important. It’s important we keep talking about it because, while it may seem trivial, the representation of women in media matters.”

Check out Paper Girls’  Meet Up page here for information about upcoming meetings.