Sh!t Lesbian Disco

Sh!t Lesbian Disco was set up to celebrate the infinite spectrum of woman. We are cis, trans and non-binary women.

We are enraptured by all her varieties femme through to androgynous through to butch and beyond. We commend her sexualities; lesbian, bisexual, queer, pansexual, asexual and heterosexual. We drink to her colours from the lightest of tones to the darkest of hues. We gloat about her shapes and rejoice in her sizes.

At times your perception of woman may be challenged but please don’t let your religious, social, political and societal biases get in the way of us having a great time. Please trust that we, the Sh!t Lesbian Disco crew, are a large group of minds who regularly converse, share and debate all aspects of what we have created.

If someone is in the space with a legit wristband then please accept that they are a woman. If you can’t, then please have a silent word with yourself and bring yourself round. If that doesn’t work and your understanding/perception cannot shift, then please refrain from attending. Sh!t Lesbian Disco is a place of love, acceptance and celebration of the diversity of womanhood. Therefore if you are already in our space and cannot accept all of your fellow women then please respectfully leave.

We are continuing, and will continue, to do our best to make Sh!t Lesbian Disco a place of celebration and womanhood. We look forward to making shapes on the dance floor and memories that will make your face ache from smiling.


You can find the Facebook page here.